So, on Day 11, I had a guilty conscience and couldn’t ignore 99Designs anymore.

My attempt at crowdsourcing some sort of creative humour had for the most part failed.  My request got back mostly a bunch of Google searches for “geek humour” copied & pasted as submissions – 57 and counting to be more precise.

Even though it would take precious time from my 1/2hr/day – I still felt I owed everyone some sort of reply and a chance to move forward (after all, there were some that did a better job of hitting the mark).

My guilt message:

Hello everyone – Thank you very much for all your designs. What I am looking for is some messaging around CSS/Responsive humour.

Borrowed humour is fine, but it should be around the CSS/Reponsive humour and how that might play out as the heat sensitive mug transforms from one image to the next.

The best (if at all possible) is a bit of original humour.

So, for example, with this entry:

To make this related to CSS, it could be changed to “When nothing is going right, float left” (float left is something you do with CSS).

THEN, figure out creatively how this would transition from one image (cold liquid in the mug) to another image (hot liquid in the mug).

A number of you have provided options with transitions. As an example, here is one that shows this transition:

I actually kindof liked the last one – by reversing the transition it gave the sarcastic CSS IS AWESOME a positive twist…  Or perhaps, I’m just grasping at straws…

Don’t confuse with the positive

I ALMOST mentioned that I liked the positive twist in my message to the 99design designers – But I’m getting good (I think) at not confusing the main message – And I feared that if I added this too-much-detail, I’d get results almost identical to:



So unless something radically different happens, I’m going forward with a CSS IS AWESOME transition – it’s the closest to doable in the timeframe left.  Artwork has been sent, still figuring out getting a sample & pricing!

Another path (for next time)

Oh, and also – my friend Peter Toi mentioned that “there are probably more people reading your posts than you realize” – and he’s right, because I didn’t realize he’d read any.

We brainstormed a bit today at the office.  He told me that there are real “Collapsible mugs”!

This one looked the most promising:



Oh well, too late to pursue this path, but cool to know!