So for Day 10, I’m learning about being very clear.

For example “Do you need me to provide any artwork files, or is this OK?” illicits the response “it will be ok  you supply the artwork files for us to make the sample”.

It would have been clearer to simply ask “can you create the artwork from the sample images I’ve provided” – In other words, try to ask yes/no answers (I don’t think this is a language barrier thing – just a good communications thing).

(If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see

So, for today, went back & forth with the lead runner Tim.  I’ve also updated my email reply to additional vendors who are contacting me to be much clearer (based on what I’ve learned from Tim).

From: Brent Kobayashi
Sent: November 28, 2016 9:01 PM
To: Tim
Subject: RE: RE: offer of the Color changing magic mug sublimation cup from tim

Hello Tim,

Answers in green below

From: Tim
Sent: November 28, 2016 9:40 AM
To: Brent Kobayashi <>
Subject: Re: RE: offer of the Color changing magic mug sublimation cup from tim

Hello,my friend

Tks for your mail . we just make the answers as follows:


YOUR QUESTION: kindly pls let me know the size and quantity you need

ANSWER:  At the beginning, I am initially looking for a small quantity (10-50 mugs depending on price) to test the market and evaluate quality, and am willing to pay a higher price per mug for this test.

For the customed logo change color mug , the MOQ should be 1000pcs , we can not accepte the quantity 10-50 mugs , as far as you know , it should need to make the new mold of printing , kindly pls check out and understand our situation. 

That isn’t a problem.  I will test the market separately & just go with the one sample to test quality.  Do you offer any sort of returns if the quality isn’t as good as the samples?

Do you need me to provide any artwork files, or is this OK?              it will be ok  you supply the artwork files for us to make the sample .   OK. Are Adobe Illustrator files OK?
Also – are you also able to create artwork from the sample images I’ve given?

Do you do direct shipping to customers, or have a contact that you recommend who would provide warehousing & fulfillment?

                we can direct ship to your customers  as per your requirement.  Thank you

If you do provide warehousing & fulfillment, can you provide a rough estimate on shipping time + cost PER single mug order.

                it will depend on which address need to ship , kindly pls let me know the full address and quantity , and then we can ask shipping company about the shipping cost for your refer to .  This is for warehousing & fulfillment of individual orders to individual consumers.  Assume all shipments would go to mainland USA & Canada.

If you only deal in shipping larger quantities, what is your minimum per shipment? (assuming we are ordering at least the minimum in total).

pls reply at your ealriest convenience


A couple other notes:

Even though Tim is the leading contender right now, Alibaba has an overview of the company:


Tim hasn’t done any orders.  Good news is there seems to be a guarantee offered by Alibaba up to US$10K.

Oh, And – had no idea anyone had commented on the 1st blog post!  (4 people – that’s like a 100% turnout of my readership I think!).  So, the poll for hashtags was more involved than I initially thought, although not even ONE won the popular vote:

#DoItIn2 – 1 vote
#Icandoanythingfor2weeks – new suggestion, 1 vote
#GSDin2weeks – new suggestion, 1 vote
#curiosityquest – 1 vote

And of course, I’ve been mainly using #curiositymission… So if anyone new is reading this & has any other hashtag ideas, or wants to vote – go for it!