I’ve decided to go on a #buffquest.

And step number one is, apparently, before photos…

Something to remind you what you don’t want… Or perhaps “how far you’ve come”.

It’s no wonder before photos SUCK.

Well that’s bullshit. I’m going to get buff AND I’m starting with before photos that FUCKING ROCK.



So, what is this really all about?

Three things

1. Changing my mental image

I’ve decided to get BUFF, not “fit”.

That’s right, this is not a “get fit” quest. Not a “be healthy” quest. This is a GET BUFF quest.


Caring about looking great is what makes me feel most uncomfortable. Getting fit & healthy fits within my world view of “I’m too cool to be cool” self. For me, getting “fit & healthy” is an easy pursuit, it’s… a limited pursuit.

Caring how I look is so far outside of my comfort zone – it’s where my emotional muscles quake & give up.

I love myself. And often don’t show it.

2. REALLY put this out there

Exercise doesn’t feel great for me. In fact, it gives me that uncomfortable feeling in the gut pretty much identical to the rejected-by-that-girl feeling from way back when.

So, I knew this was going to be a little tough.

Very publicly and memorably saying “I’m doing this” is about the best way I can think of to set myself forward with commitment. Something that will have people asking me, for months to come “how’s that #buffquest coming along?”.

3. Have a fuckload of fun

And, let’s face it. This is a cool idea. It’s a unique idea (at least in my universe).  It’s fun.

And if you’re gonna have fun… Why not commit to it 100%?

Update: May 7, 2017
Nothing like the support of your family – My birthday present from my so awesome daughter: