I have to admit – this #KickAssVideoChallenge has kicked my ass – and I’m still going – in the wrong order.

Worse than being foolish?

When challenge #2 came out “Creating Deep Connections” – I stalled.  I knew I was going to have to do this, but I could feel the resistance.

I was to send three videos.  To a friend, to a fellow #KickAssVideoChalleng(er), and to “A person in your life that has contributed to your growth this year.”

This was brilliant – to do great “business video” you need to get comfortable connecting with other people on camera.

And that’s not something I find easy (you’re all wonderful, but honestly, on this end of the video YOU ARE A COLD PSYCHOPATHIC JUDGMENTAL EYE OF MORDOR.


Your complete lack of verbal cues makes it really hard to be emotive in any manner without feeling completely fake.

I have no problem being foolish, but I really don’t want to be thought a fool.

Being foolish

So, skipping challenge number 2 (and 3 – more on that tomorrow…), I jumped into something more in my comfort zone…

If you don’t go further than this video – that’s OK – that’s great even… 😛

Back to being a fool

I knew the person I wanted to send my person-who-contributed-to-my-growth video to.

Tim Ferriss.

I’m really not a fanboy-type person.  And, it seems almost every sentence I speak these days starts with some variation of “Tim Ferriss said…”.

OK, so I don’t “see” myself as a fanboy type person, but am quite clearly acting like a smitten teenager.

So with great regret & much hope this remains mostly invisible & with tremendous gratitude for Jan & Nat for creating a brilliant “comfort zone” challenge, I send this to Mr Ferriss:
(Oh, and I almost forgot… Tim Ferriss says to practice getting out of your comfort zone…)

Gah – watching this again, I still feel a need to unpublish.  And I know most (all?) reading are really thinking ‘this isn’t a big deal, get over it’.   Ah well – two good lessons #comfortzone & #imperfectaction.


(If you’re wondering what a curiosity quest (or mission, or whatever I’m calling it) is… see https://brentonline.ca/2016/11/19/2-week-curiosity-quest/)