So, I have a problem, and maybe a solution – tell me what you think.

I have ideas.  Lots of ideas.  I imagine you do to.

The problem with ideas for me, and maybe you, is they tend to be big.  Or more specifically, bigger than my current life.

I also feel I’m missing something fairly big in my life – passion.  It’s what the gurus all say leads to “big achievements” and “finding your purpose” and all that… “joy”.

There’s a lot of dead space between an idea & the passion & drive to create that idea.

My solution is an experiment.  An experiment inspired by some things I’ve heard from a couple people:

Liz Gilbert: The Eat, Pray, Love person – said something like this in her new book Big Magic: Not everyone can be creative all the time, but you can be curious – and often curiosity leads to creativity.

Tim Ferris, the 4 hour work week guy, was talking about Parkinson’s Law, which goes something like: The time it takes to do something expands to the time allotted to do it.  He’s also a big fan of “I can do anything for 2 weeks”.

Paraphrasing & misquoting & possibly even getting it completely wrong – doesn’t matter, this is my reality, not Liz’s or Tim’s.

Liz and Tim if you’re reading… first of all, holy shit… second, I’m not spending the time getting it right, because I’m on a artificially constructed deadline…:

So my experiment is this

In 2 week sprints I will spend no more than 1/2hr per day pursuing one idea I’ve had.  The mission for each sprint will be to ACHIEVE the idea (Parkinson’s Law!), no matter how big (or small) it is.

There are no other rules than this: Idea, 1/2hr per day, 2 weeks, goal is to achieve the idea.

Anything that could be considered “cheating” that isn’t illegal falls victim to Parkinson’s Law.

Yes, the 2 week goal is to bring the idea into reality – to ACTUALLY create it.

However, the real goal of all of this is to be curious NOT creative.  To STOP stopping because these things either don’t seem as important as day-to-day or way to big to even start.

That means, I think, relaxing into the process, enjoying being curious, and being totally cool if the likely “embarrasing thing happens & the 2 week goals aren’t achieved.  After 2 weeks, I’m moving on to the next thing of curiosity.

So what do I have on my curiosity radar?  I’ll publish that tomorrow – after all, maybe you have some ideas on how to achieve them!

If you want to join in the pursuit (in any capacity), LMK!

Something #supersmall for you to do

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