Here we go – Finding experts to make a “responsive mug”, defined as: A mug for CSS geeks that changes, much like a website that changes for large & small devices.

If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see 2 week curiosity quest.

Let’s try  Yes, yes, I know – I have a creative agency – and I’ll run this by the team – BUT, I have a feeling this needs a bit of a group mindthink kindof approach.

Contest title

Design a Mug – Looking for “simple” looking design, Geek humour required

(I want the expectation that this is “simple” IF you have a sense of Geek humour)

The design spec

If you were to create a “Responsive Mug”, what would your visuals be?

This will be for a mug that transforms using heat sensitive ink, similar to this awesome TARDIS mug:


This involves some inside geek humour.  Think the awesome CSS IS AWESOME mug:


Which could do a transformation something like:


But what else could be done?

Menu items that transform into a sandwich menu.

This is more about geek humour than it is superb design.  As this is going to try to communicate a concept, most likely simple is better than complex.

The cost

I decided to go for the cheapest Silver level – Not looking for top “designers”, but top “thinkers”.  Not sure if this is the right level, but it felt right (no time to think about this!)


Gaurantee or not to Gaurantee

I liked this option, but decided not to go for it.  I’m not sure if I’m even going to remotely hit the mark with this.


That’s it – I can already see how I’d like to re-write some of this – but, well, this is all that could be done in this 1/2hr!

Tomorrow: I think I’ll see what the mug manufacturers have to say….