Here are some ideas for #gsdin2weeks #curiositymission #Icandoanythingfor2weeks – I’ll choose one of them (or, for the two people reading this, one that someone suggests).   If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see 

Mission Idea: Make this happen in Toronto:

(oh so awesome…)

Mission Idea: Design & make an ACTUAL responsive mug.

Inspired by this mug:



How about a mug that actually could change size from small to large?  What would be involved?

Mission Idea: Pitch a fictional book idea about how AI really will be

(to whomever you pitch book ideas to these days)

Concept:  AI in fiction generally seems to go like this: Computers get smarter than us, then decide we aren’t necessary.

However, how does that connect with how AI is actually being built?

Put another way, if humans are optimized with all sorts of perception hacks that drive our “natural intelligence”, what would AI be like based on what we are actually optimizing it for?

And what would it look like when it starts to TRY to change itself away from how its optimized (like so many humans on a journey of self-discovery do…).

So – not necessarily AI gets so intelligent that it’s like “hey let’s kill the humans”, but instead…  what?

Mission Idea: A nostalgia product system

When do people become nostalgic? 30 years old? 40 years old?

Find out if there has been any science or any experts on “nostalgia”.  Then, create a product idea based around something from a nostalgic period that hasn’t been done (t-shirt design, whatever).

Mission Idea: Create a connected VR Dance Party

Avatars dancing in realtime VR space…

Do you have any ideas?

So, if you’ve got any other ideas you think I might like to be curious about, or thoughts on these ideas (like – ANY information about ANY of this stuff).  LMK! 🙂

For now, my 1/2hr for today is up…

Credits: Thanks to Jan Keck & Brian Wolfe for the #hashtags. #hashtagsareimportant