OK, so I’m going to geek out a bit for my first #curiositymission

Inspired by the awesome CSS IS AWESOME mug.  Let’s make one that can actually change from small to large – like a responsive website.

If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see https://brentonline.ca/2016/11/19/2-week-curiosity-quest/


Let’s try to figure out an overall gameplan:

First draft:

  1. Define the goal
  2. Brainstorm possibilities
  3. What “Minimum Viable Thing” can be done in 2 weeks?
  4. Google search & see lay of the land (is this worth the time spent?)
  5. Find experts that could possibly help.
  6. Get quotes on whatever is quotable.
  7. Publish… Does this take too much time?  Does this help if people are interested & contribute ideas/experience/expertise?   Maybe more useful for future projects?

(What’s missing?)

Define the goal

Make a “responsive mug”

What does that mean? (Define it)

What is the most common responsive thing to do?

  • menu becomes sandwich menu
  • boxes re-align
  • Just switch from CSS IS AWESOME with a box properly around it to CSS IS AWESOME like in the picture (box cutting through AWESOME).

Does the size of the mug change?

Maybe just the graphics?




That’s it for today – 1/2hr is up…

Tomorrow: Brainstorm possibilities



(hmmm… testing “Post by email” to speed up the process… which didn’t work – just the title got posted… none of the text or pictures)