Time to reach out to actual manufacturers!

If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see https://brentonline.ca/2016/11/19/2-week-curiosity-quest/


But first, anything from the design context… – nothing yet, but that’s likely not unusual.  I have 17 “watchers” who presumably are designers.  Sent a “hello” message to all the watchers.





I created my www.alibaba.com account & sent this request to a couple manufacturers – One that provides mugs, one that seems to provide DIY heat transfer paper.  Decided not to work with a “purchasing agent” at this time…

Hello there,

Very pleased to meet you.  My name is Brent Kobayashi and I have a marketing agency in Toronto, Canada.

I am looking to see what is involved (price & if this concept is possible) to create a “magic mug” that changes as different temperature liquid is put into it.

Very specifically, I am looking for one that changes from the image on the left (“CSS IS AWESOME” completely inside the box) to the image on the left (“CSS IS AWESOME” partially inside the box).

Thank you very much for your time!



My friend Meaghan saw the heat sensitive mug & thought this microwaveable paper notebook would peak my interest (and she’s so right!).


Basically, you nuke the Rocketbook Wave & your notes disappear.  Also looks like it has a QRcode type thing for taking pictures of each page & clouding it.  OK – so this is a distraction… but it’s so cool!


P.S.  Despite the 2 week, only 1/2hr/day nature of this experiment – I almost didn’t do anything today… It’s late, I’m tired… but I had such an inspiring time having dinner with my good friend Jan from BIG3video (check them out, they’re great), that I just couldn’t not do this (Jan’s also the one who suggested the GSD hashtag… so gotta do the sh*t).