It seems there are rules to magic.  At least to magic mugs…

(If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see

Now that we’re down to the “ready for a sample” part, clarifications are happening… such as:

When you say you want this:

  1. When cold, the box and words are like this:
  2. When hot, the box & words are like this:

Does that really mean:

Win Seng : pls refer to the attached photo , the image before hot is the same as photo B and you can’t see the words “OME” before add hot photo , but after add hot water , it will become image A.

We need to arrange like this due to the technical requirement .


Needless to say – it’s time to clarify!

Hi Lucy,

If it is possible, the colours wouldn’t change & you would always see all the text.

The only thing that would happen when hot is that the Box that is around the words would get smaller & cut through part of AWESOME.

Here’s an example:



If this is not possible with the heat ink technology – is there a way to get something close?  (For example, could the colours of the box change from the black/grey to red for hot & the CSS IS AWESOME text be always black?).

Thank you very much for your time!

As far as 99designs…

Looks like I have two choices.  Move forward, select finalists & “guarantee” the contest (no money back), or cancel & call in for money back.

I looked over the submissions again, just in case – and the only one that came close to on target was one with the text “When nothing is going right, go left.” – which could be changed to “When nothing is going right, float left” for an attempt at CSS humour…

Then again there is always:


Which, on the second to last day of this thing, may well be what I’ve been doing.  New hashtag contenders #curiosityfart #icanbrainfart4twoweeks #getfartsdonein2weeks

Tomorrow… It’s down to the wire, will China come through with some Magic Mugs!