Time to think of a new 2 week curiosity mission.

But first, how did the inaugural quest finish up?

Oh! Actually, first first

What did you think?  Who’s all out there?

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Magic Mugs are bound by physics

The latest message from China is “It is impossible when hot is that the Box that is around the words would get smaller & cut through part of AWESOME. the colours of the box can change from the black or grey to white for hot & the CSS IS AWESOME text be always black”.

Which my friend Peter suggested I research how heat printing works.   Which I will (I’m rather curious now) – but not part of my next Curiosity Mission – just in my free time ;).  I also have some ideas on how the mugs might work & will still investigate a little (again, in my free time).

(If you’re wondering what this is… see https://brentonline.ca/2016/11/19/2-week-curiosity-quest/)

Lessons Learned

  • 30 minutes is too little to do something & write about it. And I found writing about it led to some great interactions – so I’m going to increase my daily intake of curiosity to 45 minutes (at least on the days I’m writing).
  • Nevertheless, while I found the constraints of 2 weeks & 30 minutes / day a little nerve wracking – it did what I’d hoped it would do. Kept me focused, even if greatly less than perfect.
  • To increase the quality of communications with potential vendors, I think I’ll draft things like specifications one day & read/send the next. Just a little less firing from the hip I think would have saved some confusion.
  • The hashtag feedback was great – and probably somewhat beside the point (what do you think?)

Next Mission:

My friends Jan & Natalia of Big3Video have just launched their eCourse “Look Fucking Amazing on Camera”.  (Here’s what I think of it)

As part of their launch, they are having a KICKASS VIDEO CHALLENGE.  5 Days of learning hidden as fun challenges about being on video.

So my next quest is to join in this challenge AND along with Jan & Nat’s eCourse have my first video done by myself (Big3 has helped me create 6 other videos) on the Kobayashi Online YouTube channel.

New ideas

Other than this next mission, here are some new ideas I’ve had (for future missions).

What do you think?

Do you have any ideas?  I’d love to chat about what you think would be cool & new for this world!

Mission Idea: Go viral

Try to make this video go viral (or perhaps mini-mini-viral – say 10,000 views from it’s current 72)

Mission idea: Dub Dub

Take famous speeches, dub them to a foreign language, then dub back to English.  I suspect this will be a really interesting insight into the differences in languages and especially idioms.  This is inspired by this brilliant T-Shirt.

That’s it for now – until tomorrow!