As I mentioned yesterday, for curiosity mission #2, I’m going to write, record, edit & publish my 1st “solo” tips & tricks video to the Kobayashi Online YouTube account.

To get myself ready, I’m taking Big3Video’s 5 day video challenge (I welcome… No… I CHALLENGE you to join me here!)

The Challenge

For some reason, I’m not quite sure, I’ve been pitted head to head against Apryl Z Schlueter.

This doesn’t seem very fair.  Aren’t there weight classes in this sort of thing?

Apryl seems freaking amazing.  She has her own website about being freaking amazing (The Cheerful Mind).

And, she’s also been pre-gaming the challenge (*cough*petition!) with video:


She’s a friggin trapeze artist!  And she’s launching a book!

The last time I swung from anything, this was the grace exhibited:


Which resulted in breaking my middle finger…

middlefinger (2).jpg

As you can see, I’m in the (very) heavy weight class…

The Gauntlet – Rising to the challenge (*cough*petition)

Despite great fear and no water to break my fall, here is my answer to Apryl and her high-flying amazingness… #gameon

(If you’re wondering what a curiosity mission is… see