So – brainstorming on how to make a “responsive mug”, defined as: A mug for CSS geeks that changes, much like a website that changes for large & small devices.

If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see

The brainstorm

Changing size: How would this be possible?

What material can expand/shrink & still be impermeable by liquid? (balloon?)

Internal waterproof skin that is strong, water resistant, expands/contracts like a balloon, but washable.

Maybe just change shape, not size – or just change outside appearance?  (a slide over?).  Look into 3D pop-up books for possible solutions?

Maybe an outside cylinder that rotates around?  Maybe perforated so part of what you see is outside cylinder, part is inside cylinder – allowing the image to stay in place during rotation, but change.

What are those images that change depending on the angle they are looked at called?


That’s it for today – 1/2hr is up…

See you tomorrow!  Next step:  Google searches to see the “lay of the land”.

Other next steps:

  • Put together design spec of some sort, to see what people would come up with for a “Responsive Website” (e.g. Menu turns into sandwich menu) – ask for some humour or inside CSS/web joke.
  • Contact manufacturers/engineers through Alibaba & ask about an actual transforming mug. Probably need some sort of rough visual first, but maybe not!

 Of course, if you have ANY ideas/knowledge/contacts whatever that could help…. 🙂