Today, Googling ideas on a “responsive mug” or “transforming mug”, etc – defined as: A mug for CSS geeks that changes, much like a website that changes for large & small devices.

If you’re wondering what this is… & to suggest hashtags… see

First off, humaning can be better than googling.  My good friend Warren suggested a mug that changes as it heats up – they really exist! He has a Tardis mug.

Heat-sensitive ink printing


So, jumping over to Alibaba and searching for transforming mug came up with transforming magic ceramic tea cups.  They can be purchased with custom art.  This isn’t a mug that changes size – but it’s



On google found this cool thing – a cup of noodles transformer (as in the Robot!) – that’s pretty cool… can’t seem to buy it though…  And that might take a fair bit of “engineering”.



Although maybe something that telescopes up, kindof like a lightsaber:


Not sure how the visual or holding of liquid would work…

Pop-up books

Pop-up books are pretty cool.  Not sure if they are helping much…:

Best Pop-Up Book spreads by Robert Sabuda


10 Pop-Up Books That Are Works of Art

A game of thrones pop-up book!


I’ve ordered this ABC3D pop-up book – just looks so cool & well, typography… (completely a business expense!)


That’s it for today – 1/2hr is up!

Tomorrow: Looking for experts


Some stuff learned/observed:

Love Parkinson’s law… started to see about getting an “affiliate link” to make money off of links to stuff like the Tardis mug… and realized, boy that’s a waste of time – doesn’t immediately contribute to the goal!  And Warren already has one, so that leaves a possible target market of “4” if my counting is accurate).

Boy the auto-post to Facebook from kindof sucks… One day I’ll look into or manual posting… For now – not important enough, just a distraction.